Virtually Pain Free Dental Care

We know that many patients are apprehensive about receiving dental care. At Falmouth Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on our ability to make each patient as comfortable and relaxed as possible while receiving care.

First, at Falmouth Dental Arts we listen to your concerns. We then discuss different methods for making you as comfortable as possible. Together, we lay out a treatment plan that will meet your needs. We have several options:

1) Oral Sedation Dental Care Program – Many of Dr. Knock and Dr. Vocal’s patients prefer to relax through their dental care. Falmouth Dental Arts offers a Oral Sedation Care Program where qualified patients can just take a small pill and relax and in many cases have all of their dental needs taken care of in just one appointment. If this sounds right for you, just click here for more information.

2) Our Famous Virtually Painless Injection – Most of our patients at Falmouth Dental Arts never know they have received an injection. That’s because of Dr. Knock and Dr. Vocal’s famous virtually “Painless Injection” technique. A topical anesthetic is applied to the tissue with a swab. This anesthetic painlessly numbs the spot where the doctor will give you one of the most gentle injections.

3) Local Anesthetic For Pain Free Care – Injectable anesthetics given by Dr. Knock and Dr. Vocal, such as Lidocaine, prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth during treatment by blocking the nerves that sense or transmit pain and numbing mouth tissues.

They cause the temporary numbness often referred to as a “fat lip” feeling. Injectable anesthetics may be used in such procedures as filling cavities, preparing teeth for crowns or treating gum disease.