Recommended Professional Products

Oxyfresh is a powerful yet gentle mouth rinse designed to help keep your smile healthy and breath fresh. Oxyfresh’s alcohol and dye free formula is flavored with essential oils and made in the USA. It’s specially blended with Zinc and Oxygene to promote oral health while neutralizing bad breath. We carry Oxyfresh in 3 different versions: a gentle mint flavored Pro-Formula, non-flavored Gentle Formula and Cavity Protect with the added benefit of fluoride.

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus is a uniquely formulated tooth crème fortified with calcium and phosphate (Plus also has fluoride) to replace beneficial minerals lost from the tooth’s structure. This special design helps to prevent decay, sensitivity and battle tooth erosion as well as tooth wear. This is a wonderful addition for patients who experience dry mouth, hypersensitivity as well as patients who are in orthodontic treatment. 

Fluoridex is prescription strength fluoride toothpaste designed for use at home. It helps to prevent tooth decay and the development of harmful bacteria. Fluoridex is a great addition to your homecare routine to help strengthen the enamel, reduce tooth sensitivity and protect the investment of your teeth.

Retainer Brite is a great way to keep your Night Guard or removable appliance clean at home. These specially formulated tablets help protect and preserve appliances while gentle cleaning. They are simple to use and kill up to 99% of common odor-causing bacteria.

Tooth & Gums Tonic is a natural, professional strength mouth rinse formulated to reduce oral bacteria using pure essential oils. Tooth & Gums Tonic is a non-alcohol rinse blended with essential oils and herbs such as Echinacea and gotu kola known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  This formula is a great alternative to other prescription mouth rinses.

Oral B Electric Toothbrushes are designed to give you the best possible clean at home. This is a superior way to brush your teeth while being gentle on your gums. We recommend these electric toothbrushes to our patients for an enhanced homecare routine as they efficiently reduce plaque and gingivitis.