Fear of Injections? Here’s a Magic Wand!

Many people dread the feared “needle” when they come to the dentist. Sometimes this actually keeps people from coming to the dentist for years, resulting in even worse problems. Many injections can be given painlessly, especially when a topical anesthetic is rubbed on the gums to numb the effect of the needle puncture. But, even so, there can be some discomfort in the injection site.

Enter the Wand. This is a new computer controlled anesthetic injection system for dentists that pretty much eliminates the feeling of the needle. We, the doctors, practiced giving the injections on each other when we first got the system and were amazed that there literally was no sensation of a needle or pain!

We are always looking for new ways to make the dental experience as comfortable as possible. We and our staff are all big wussies when it comes to having our own dentistry done so we know what it is like to be scared or uncomfortable – because we had these experiences growing up. So the Wand really makes it a lot easier. Oral conscious sedation is also available for those wh really have fear or phobias.