Halloween is over and FDA is through scaring patients. The trick is Sedation Dentistry!

Do you have a family member or friend that has a serious fear of visiting a dentist and receiving necessary dental treatments. The IV Sedation service at Falmouth Dental Arts may be the perfect solution. If someone you care about suffers from dental anxiety, please forward this information which explains how IV Sedation could help make dental experiences more pleasant:

Do you have…

• A history of traumatic dental experiences
• Extremely sensitive teeth
• Sensitive gag reflex
• Complex dental problems or a need for surgery?
• Are you in denial or do you ignore your dental problems until the pain is unbearable?
• Have you avoided seeing a dentist for many years, even decades?

How IV Sedation works: Our certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) will adminster sedation drugs via IV (even numbing the back of the hand first!), which quickly relaxes the patient. We will be able to complete several dental procedures at once to reduce the need for numerous return visits. During the sedation period, patients will breathe on their own and will not recall the procedures–not the smells, sounds or feelings. We include time after the procedure for the patient to continue resting in the office and we suggest that patients have someone drive them to and from the appointment, due to the relaxing effects of the medication.

Visit our website for further details on how IV Sedation works at Falmouth Dental Arts.

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