Toothache Day

February 9th is National Toothache Day. Perhaps not coincidentally, February 9th is also when The Hershey Company was incorporated. With Valentine’s Day (and Whitman’s Samplers) just around the corner, now is a good time to remember the importance of oral hygiene.

Poor oral hygiene is the common culprit behind many toothaches. Tooth decay, bacterial infection, periodontitis, abscesses, and gum inflammation can all lead to toothaches.

Catch cavities before they catch you. Our hygienists are trained to spot potential problems before they become painful.

The only way to stop an existing cavity from getting worse is by visiting our dental office. If it’s been a while since you’re last check up now is the time to schedule an appointment.

If you develop a persistent or extremely painful toothache it is imperative you come see us. Without help from a dental professional it is impossible to determine the cause or seriousness of a toothache. It could be an infection that requires immediate attention. Ignoring a severe toothache will only cause the underlying issue to worsen.

If you haven’t yet scheduled your next cleaning, call us today at 207-781-5900.