Focal Points of the Human Body During First Impressions

Within seconds of meeting someone, they’ve already subconsciously sized you up in numerous ways. How can you make sure your first impression is a good one? There are three key places that someone observes when formulating a first impression, whether they know it or not.


Are you slumped or hunched over? Then you could be projecting an aura of boredom and fatigue. Sitting up straight projects confidence, energy, and indicates you are paying attention. When you know you’re about to meet someone for the first time, make sure you stand or sit up straight. Not only will it make a good impression, your back will thank you too.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is essential for trustworthiness. Ever talk to someone who won’t meet your eyes? It’s not a good feeling. Avoiding eye contact can make you seem shifty, untrustworthy, or cold. When talking to someone, and especially when listening, make friendly eye contact.


You didn’t think we’d leave out smiles did you? People who smile are perceived as kinder and more trustworthy than their closed mouth counterparts. However, smiling can be difficult if your teeth embarrass you. If yellow teeth stand between you and a good first impression, fear no more. Falmouth Dental Arts offers teeth whitening treatments both at-home and in our office. If you have misshapen teeth or unsightly gaps, porcelain veneers could even out your smile. Call us today at 207-781-5900 to set up an appointment.