DIAGNOdent and Laser Dentistry

Americans have seen an overall improvement in their oral health ever since we started adding fluoride to our daily intake of water, but in other ways, fluoridation has led to a hidden problem, what we in the industry refer to as “hidden caries.” Our tooth enamel has become harder and more durable due to the fluoride we receive, but sometimes this causes tooth decay to travel below the surface, where it can go undetected and wreak havoc on a patient’s oral health and on our ability to diagnose the problem.

Our solution? The DIAGNOdent Laser. This tool allows dentists to see below the surface of a tooth in order to know exactly what the ‘root’ cause is. In the past, dentists had to occasionally guess and perform procedures without knowing if they were targeting the correct issue. With our DIAGNOdent laser, the guesswork is gone, allowing us to make the right diagnosis for your optimal dental health.

The laser emits a specific wavelength of light (655 nanometers to be exact) that targets the problem area. Healthy tooth material won’t react at all, but decaying material, even below the surface, will reflect a fluorescence that is measured by the laser. The higher the fluorescence, the more tooth decay there is.

If you’re experiencing dental problems and are unsure of the cause, it’s possible that we can detect the issue with the DIAGNOdent laser. Call our office at 207-781-5900 and tell us your story.