Spring Cleaning!

Ahh, winter is finally over (knock on wood)! Time to clear out the garage, remove the cobwebs in the attic, and schedule a spring cleaning for your teeth. We know spring is a busy time of year, but remember that receiving regular cleanings will help ensure your teeth stay healthy enough for you to enjoy some barbecue this summer!

In addition to being vital for your oral health, cleanings can help us diagnose other diseases in your body. Similar to the saying ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul,’ your teeth and gums can give signals related to other maladies in your body, like heart disease and cancer. Regular cleanings and check-ups increase the chances of catching these illnesses in their early stages.

We offer holistic options with our cleanings, such as using ozone in place of fluoride to naturally harden your teeth’s enamel. To learn more, visit our Holistic Dentistry page.

Give us a call or visit our New or Existing patient appointment pages to schedule your personal spring cleaning!

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