What Is Ozone Therapy?

Many of us are familiar with ozone, the triple bonded oxygen molecule, because of the role it plays in our atmosphere. When used in dentistry, ozone therapy can have amazing oral health benefits and it is one of a handful of holistic options we offer at Falmouth Dental Arts.

Ozone is a very effective oxidizer: the molecule itself carries a strong negative charge. This negative charge is attracted to the positive charges found on many harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, amoebas, and fungi. When bonded to a negatively charged cell membrane, the ozone causes a rupture which kills the pathogen, as illustrated here. Compared to chlorine, one molecule of ozone kills pathogens 3,000 to 10,000 times more efficiently and 3,500 times faster.

The cell membranes of our own cells and helpful parasites contain antioxidants that do not react with ozone. Therefore, ozone therapy has no effect on the cells we want to keep intact. In this way, ozone therapy is a great tool for treating oral infection and disease with a naturally occurring, broad spectrum substance with no toxicity or side effects.

We’ve outlined specific uses of ozone in dentistry. Feel free to give us a call to make your next holistic dental appointment.

Ozone Uses


Ozone gas can be used to treat cavities. The gas allows ozone to seep into the deepest grooves and pits of the teeth. In addition to killing bacteria on contact, ozone promotes the re-calcification of tooth structure, which increases tooth strength and reduced sensitivity. If a cavity has developed and needs a restoration, a tooth-colored composite filling will be placed after the cavity has been removed and the tooth has been sterilized with ozone.

Gum Disease

Used in combinations of gas and liquid, ozone is an ideal adjunct treatment for gum disease, which is often caused by bacteria. Ozone gas and ozonated water can be applied to gum tissue and the gum pockets where it will oxidize and kill the “bad” bacteria that are destroying connective tissues. This will promote healing and increase the treatment’s success rate.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a routine procedure used to treat an infection within the pulp chamber of a tooth. Ozonated water or ozone gas can be used during the root canal procedure to kill existing bacteria, sterilize the root canal tubules and accessory canals, and promote faster healing. In gas form, ozone can reach places other techniques and products cannot. This ensures successful treatment in the long term.


Teeth that have become weakened, worn down, or have receding gums may become overly sensitive. Ozone gas can be used to harden the existing tooth structure and close off the pores on the root surface, which decreases the tooth’s sensitivity. This treatment has a high success rate and can mean the end of avoiding favorite foods or drink.

Ozone for All!

Here in the office we are able to generate ozone by using pure medical grade oxygen passed through a corona discharge generator. This will produce therapeutic ozone in the form of liquid or gas. Our ozone generator allows us to produce pure, contaminate free, predictable and precise concentrations of therapeutic ozone. Ozone is safe, effective, and produces no byproducts. It simply breaks down into oxygen and water.

Ozone has no associated medical complications. We are therefore able to use ozone on all of our patients regardless of age, health, or medication use. It is a wonderful adjunct treatment that helps boost the success rate of almost any dental treatment. Give us a call to learn more about using ozone at your next appointment.

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