To Floss or Not to Floss – This is NOT the Question!

You may have seen the big headlines recently about flossing not being what it is cracked up to be. The Food and Drug Administration, along with the entire dental industry, has been promoting flossing as an important part of your oral health regimen since 1979. Unfortunately, the FDA was forced to recant the importance of flossing because of a ‘lack’ of solid research. We at Falmouth Dental Arts remain steadfast in our recommendation for flossing once a day. Here’s why.

Though research is important in any scientific or medical field, so is anecdotal proof. We, and many other dental professionals, have countless stories of patients who have suffered from a lack of flossing. We have seen the benefits people gain from flossing daily, and the harm a lack of flossing can cause.

Think of a tooth as a cube. Brushing helps clean the top and two sides of the cube, but cannot make direct contact with the two adjacent sides. This is where flossing comes in, being able to remove food particles where brushing cannot. Not flossing is like getting your car washed, but never cleaning the salt off the undercarriage – every New Englander knows how that will end!

The recent Associated Press article and Food and Drug Administration decision will lead to more thorough flossing research being performed. We, along with the vast majority of the dental industry, are confident that we know what the results of this research will be – floss, Floss, FLOSS!

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