Dental-themed Holiday Gift Ideas

Gift giving during the holiday season may feel like a stressful endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. For those of you who don’t want to buy the usual surplus of toys and electronics (“They’re only going to use it for 6 months!”), the idea of dental-themed gifts may appeal to you and prove to be a wonderful alternative gift solution. At Falmouth Dental Arts, we’re all about gifting good oral health. We want you to have cavity-free, clean teeth year-round, so we hope that you can find the perfect gift for someone on your list among the suggestions we’ve listed below.

  • For the kids: Tooth keepers are small containers that serve as a practical receptacle for the tooth fairy – tooth or reward – and they can also serve as educational tools to help children understand the differences between baby teeth and adult teeth. There are wooden and plastic varieties, both of which can serve as a fond memento of childhood later in life. Thanks to this timeless quality, they are great contributions to any child’s holiday gift roundup.
  • For the adventurous at heart: Did you know that there are different flavors of toothpaste other than mint? For example… bacon? With this gift, someone’s tooth-brushing grind can become reinvigorated with exciting new flavors! Not a fan of bacon? Don’t worry – there are a variety of flavors out there, ranging from mango to cupcake, lavender, and more!
  • For the photo-opportunists: How many times do we look in the mirror a day? Most people are very aware of their personal appearance because we’re constantly meeting ourselves in the mirror! For the socialites and selfie enthusiasts on your list, we recommend the confidence-boosting gift of a professional whitening so that they can rest assured they’ll always be looking their best for the camera.
  • For those on-the-go: Whether carrying it in your pocket or in your purse, gum is a quick and reliable way to freshen your breath at any moment. We recommend sugar-free gum that bears the official ADA Seal of Acceptance. Other gums with sugar result in plaque bacteria and the production of acids associated with tooth decay, whereas sugar-free ADA-approved gum does not. So put some ADA-approved gum into everyone’s stockings this year! You’ll be doing them a favor.
  • For the techies: Gifting an electric toothbrush to a friend or family member can really level up his or her respective oral hygiene routine. Electric toothbrushes can clean teeth efficiently with spinning brush heads and resilient bristles. Depending on the brush, electric models range from expensive to affordable, but make sure to consider the cost of replacement bristles for the recipient. Regardless of what type you choose, these toothbrushes have been shown to be effective at preventing a majority of plaque build-up.
  • For those who go the extra mile: While the name might have you drawing question marks, oral irrigators are great gifts fit for any adult or dental-conscious teen. Like floss, oral irrigators are designed to clean between teeth. But the difference is this tool directs a stream of water between teeth to remove pesky food particles that cause tooth decay. Oral irrigators are great tools for those who have denture or braces, or anyone who wants that extra assurance they’re cleaning their mouth well.

Who ever knew dental-themed products could present so many gifting opportunities? For specific recommendations on products or brands, feel free to call us at (207) 781-5900.