6 Stocking Stuffers Your Kids (and Their Teeth) Will Love!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: here at FDA, we believe that good oral health habits start early! What better way to get the kids excited about brushing, flossing, and taking good care of their teeth than with lots of fun, tooth-friendly dental products in their stocking? Here are a few ideas…

1)    A Fun New Toothbrush

Santa can make brushing fun! Regular or electric, fun colors, characters, and themes, toothbrushing timers, and music – there’s a toothbrush for everyone. Ask your hygienist – or anyone on the FDA team of dental professionals – what toothbrush would be best for your child. We also carry professional products we recommend, like toothpaste and mouthwash,, so just ask!

 2)    Flavored Floss

Encourage your child to floss daily by adding kid-sized flossers to their stockings. Flossers come in lots of cool shapes and colors as well as yummy flavors like grape and bubblegum!

 3)    A Mouthguard

 If your child plays a contact sport, a new mouthguard is always a smart gift! Follow the American Dental Association’s guidelines to make sure you choose one that offers enough protection for your child, or ask Dr. Brunacini or Dr. Karagiorgos for an option they recommend!

 4)    Lip Balm

 Dry weather and indoor heating can lead to dry skin and lips in the winter months. Lip balm is the perfect size to add to your child’s stocking and will help keep his or her lips moisturized at home and at school.

 5)    Sugar-Free Gum

 Chewing sugar-free gum with xylitol can actually help to keep your child’s teeth cleaner between meals. Sugar-free gum with xylitol can help to produce extra saliva and wash away food particles after eating and has actually been found to reduce cavities. Be careful not to let your pets access any products containing xylitol, as it is harmful for our furry family members.

6)    A Tooth Fairy Pillow

If your child is at the age when the Tooth Fairy is likely to be making multiple visits to your house, a Tooth Fairy pillow will make a great stocking stuffer. Having a Tooth Fairy pillow makes losing a tooth (link to blog post about loose teeth) even more exciting, and there are lots of inexpensive options available online with websites like Etsy.

So stock up this holiday with some dental products that will keep you kids smiling all year long! If you have questions or need to schedule their next check up, give us a call today! 207.781.5900.


Happy Holidays!