Celebrating National Dental Hygienist Week!

Each year, National Dental Hygienist Week falls on the second week in April, which is a great time to celebrate FDA’s wonderful and amazing team of hygienists! Alex, Ashley, Diann, Erin, Jean, Kelly, and Lydianne are the caring professionals you see the most when you come to our office. From removing plaque and tartar to taking digital x-rays, they are experts in oral health care and help assess your health at each visit. Our dental hygienists also love to help our patients set up a home health routine and are always happy to demonstrate the best way to brush or share their flossing tips! We asked this dynamo group of women what they love most about their job…here’s what they said.


“Oral hygiene plays such an important role with overall systemic health. Every patient is different and unique in their own way, and I am passionate about finding a routine that works for his or her lifestyle. Helping patients feel confident about their smile is such a rewarding experience!  I love motivating patients to keep up with their oral care. Also, my goal is always to help patients feel relaxed at their appointment…I want patients to enjoy their visits here at FDA.”


“I love the enthusiasm created by the whole team learning together. We can branch off and learn about other things and then come back and share. I [also] love laughing with my patients. We all have better days when we laugh a lot.”


“FDA takes the time to get to know patients to create individual treatment plans based on their needs and wants. I love educating my patients about the new developments in dentistry. It’s such an honor to take care of generations of the same family.”


“The teamwork at FDA is unmatched. Helping hands are everywhere. The dental care is modern, conservative, and thorough; and it’s what I want for my own family.”


“Our doctors are always a step ahead in adopting useful technology which makes for a comfortable dental practice for our patients and an exciting work environment and culture for the staff. We go above and beyond for our patients. In fact, I’ve built up a clientele that I’ve seen for so long, I just can’t wait to catch up with them during their next visit.”


“I love the team at FDA! Everyone is highly trained and are the best at what they do. We all really care and put our patients first. I especially enjoy working with patients who have dental anxiety. Meeting them where they are, addressing their concerns, and identifying what I can do to make them more comfortable is my favorite part of the job.”

Thank you, Alex, Ashley, Diann, Erin, Jean, Kelly, and Lydianne!! You are the heart of FDA!

Do you need to schedule a visit to see one of our hygienists for a cleaning? Give our office a call today – 207.781.5900. We’re here to help!

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