Cold Weather Dental Tips

Winter is coming and along with it cold temperatures and dry air. You’ve probably noticed the seasonal shift impacts your skin, but did you know the cold weather can also cause some dental issues? Perhaps you’ve felt increased sensitivity in your teeth and tighter jaw muscles. FDA to the rescue! To help keep your mouth and your teeth happy and healthy all winter long, we wanted to share some cold weather dental tips.

Bundle Up!

This may seem obvious for anyone who has experienced a Maine winter, but staying warm can be good for your oral health. People who suffer from TMJ disorder (a tight jaw) or bruxism (teeth clenching) may notice their jaw is more tense in the cold weather. Get a cozy scarf or sweater and keep warm; it will help you to clench your teeth and tighten your jaw less.

Drink Water!

Less moisture in the air can lead to your mouth producing less saliva. Saliva is crucial to your oral health; it helps rinse away food debris and bacteria that could lead to tooth decay. Staying hydrated and drinking water will help! It is good for your overall health as well as beneficial for your oral health. Drink up!

Use Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth!

People with sensitive teeth sometimes experience sharp pain in their teeth when they enjoy hot or cold beverages. Sensitivity can also be triggered by cold temperatures in the air. This often stems from broken down tooth enamel which exposes the tissue underneath, known as dentin. This winter, try brushing your teeth with a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth. We have a couple of products we recommend, such as MI Paste and Fluoridex. Ask for more information at your next appointment!

Come in for Regular Appointments with FDA!

No matter what time of year it is, good oral health care always includes regular visits with the caring and compassionate team at FDA. If you need to schedule a cleaning or have questions about your oral health this winter, please give us a call at 207.781.5900. We’re here to help!