How to Stick with Healthy Habits

We all want healthier habits. We set our New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but it can feel so difficult to stick with them! We get it! Creating a new habit requires repetition and time…and it’s worth it! At FDA, we want to be your partner in oral health and support you in setting up a home care routine that works for you. So, to help you stick with your healthy habits, here are a few tips.

Start Small

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Focus on that first step you can take to improve your health. If you’re struggling to floss daily, start with flossing once a week. Make Fridays “Flossing Fridays!” As you achieve small goals you will be motivated to keep going. Plus once you see how you feel afterwards, it will encourage you to keep it up!

Stack it Up

An effective way to stick with a new habit is to combine it with an existing habit. This is called habit stacking. If you’d like to drink more water each day, try to do it alongside something else you do regularly. For example, after you brush your teeth…drink a glass of water! After you eat a meal…drink a glass of water! These two actions will become connected and overtime it will become part of your regular routine!

Celebrate Your Success

Help yourself stay motivated by celebrating your progress. It takes commitment and some hard work to make new habits. Give yourself the recognition you deserve! When you hit every “Flossing Friday” in a month, treat yourself to a movie or a nice meal out at your favorite restaurant. Find what gives you joy and make it a part of your new habit! Not only are you celebrating your success, but you’re celebrating your healthy life choices!

Another way to keep up with your healthy habits is to make yourself accountable by sharing your goals. Let us know what healthy habits you are working on when you come in for your regular check ups with Dr. Brunacini and Dr. Karagiorgos. We can help track your oral health progress and be your cheerleader for sticking with it! After all, we are your partner in oral health. Give us a call if you have questions or need to schedule your next appointment – 207.781.5900.

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