3 Tips to Make Dental Care Fun for Your Kids!

February is Children’s Dental Health Month and an excellent time to think about the ways you can set your kiddos up with a dental routine that keeps their teeth healthy! Want to know our favorite way to help kids have good oral hygiene habits? Make it FUN! Here are three tips that will help make dental care sillier, more playful, and – most importantly – a regular part of your kid’s day!

  • Super Toothbrushes!

Invite Superman and Wonder Woman into your bathroom! Get your kids a toothbrush with their favorite superhero or cartoon character. You can then make brushing their teeth a game: POW! Superman is fighting all the bad guys in your kids mouth! ZAP! Wonder Woman is kicking out all the bad guys as you brush away all that cavity-causing bacteria. If superheroes aren’t your kiddo’s thing, get them a toothbrush in their favorite color. They can delight that their teeth were cleaned with PINK POWER! Find what is fun for your little one and brushing will no longer be a chore, it will be a game!

  • Silly Songs!

“When you wake up in the morning, it’s a quarter to one and you want to have a little fun…You brush your teeth!” From Raffi and Laurie Berkner to Elmo and the Sesame Street Gang, there are a lot of fun and silly songs out there that will have your kids tapping their toes while they brush those pearly whites. If you need ideas, the ADA put together a list of their family-favorite songs to inspire healthy dental habits. Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to dental songs…if your little one loves Taylor Swift or Frozen, blast their favorite tunes and have a fun family dance party while they brush! 

  • Flossing Adventures!

Transform flossing into an exciting quest! Make up a fun and exciting story for your kiddo as you floss. Perhaps there is a brave hero who needs to explore between every tooth to look for the lost treasure! Or perhaps there is a lost hippopotamus and you’re on a flossing safari to find it! Use your imagination and have fun with it..your kiddo will be giggling and their gums will be healthy! 

Our team of dental care professionals is here to help you and your family have the best oral care possible. If you have questions, need to schedule your kids’s next cleaning, or want some more help getting your kids to commit to a regular dental routine, give us a call at 207.781.5900. We’re your partner in oral health and in keeping your kids smiling!

toothbrush and toothpaste in someone hands.