FDA Employee Spotlight Dr. Glen Knock Founder of FDA

At Falmouth Dental Arts, we are lucky to have a compassionate team of some of the best oral health care professionals in the world!  Everyone loves coming to work each day to help our patients meet their oral health goals and receive the best care possible. Our Employee Spotlight series highlights the individuals who make FDA an incredible place to work and receive dental care.

This month, as we celebrate our 5th (!!!) year in our building, we are thrilled to put the spotlight on the man who started it all, the beloved Dr. Glen Knock.

Why did you decide to be a dentist?

Dr. Knock: I wanted to help people and was thinking about either medical school or dental school. I chose dental school after my wife had a baby and I’m glad I did!


When did you open your first practice?

Dr. Knock: In May 1974 – 50 years ago! – I opened a practice with Dr. Frank Adshead. We split our practice in 1986 and I moved to South Portland. Eventually Dr. Joe Long joined my practice for a time and in the late nineties we moved back to Falmouth. There used to be a state law that you could only have a dental practice named after the practicing dentist. A Supreme Court case changed that, which opened the way for a practice to be named something other than a practitioner’s name. I was looking for a name that would carry on after I retired, and sometime in the early 2000s we became known at Falmouth Dental Arts.


Tell us more about the idea behind the phrase “dental arts.”

 Dr. Knock: There is an artistry to dentistry, if the dentist is conscientious. It is quite aesthetic…the cosmetic dentistry that can be done to help a person. Now there are machines that tell you all the color mixes! [Check out FDA’s Same-Day Crowns!]


What was a highlight from your dental career?

 Dr. Knock: The biggest highlight for me was the people. I was blessed to be able to work with some people for 20 or 30 years. Francine was my assistant for 40 years! We had a lot of fun together. We were a good team.

Another highlight for me was ‘Dancing with the Dentists.’ It was really fun and we helped a lot of people.


Tell us how you came up with such an amazing idea!

Dr. Knock: My wife and I were fans of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and we were taking ballroom dancing lessons. Something clicked and we thought how great it would be if dentists could raise money for charities like The Root Cellar. Also, it’s nice to show another side to dentists; we’re not just guys and gals in white coats drilling your teeth. The first year we raised $40,000. I feel really good about that.


Would you share some of your favorite or most interesting experiences from your career?

Dr. Knock: Some of our staff meetings – everything went off the rails and we had a blast solving something!


What do you miss most about working at FDA?

Dr. Knock: I miss the interactions with people, no doubt. My poor wife – I went from having 100 interactions a day and now I’m down to just one (her). I always really enjoyed talking to people and learning about them.

Thank you, Dr. Knock!