Get to Know Our Dental Assistants!

At FDA, we have an incredible team of Dental Assistants! Lindsey, Mary, Mirela, Pat, and Sydni are caring dental professionals who always put patient comfort first. March 5 – 11 is Dental Assistant Recognition Week, which makes it a great time to acknowledge and celebrate this group of women. We are so grateful for their dedication to their profession – they are constantly educating themselves and improving their skills and knowledge. This month we wanted to share a little about Mary, Mirela, and Pat so you can get to know them better! 


Lindsey recently joined the FDA team as a dental assistant. She loves helping patients achieve positive goals with their dental health and is a great addition to our team! Lindsey enjoys hiking, camping, and swimming in the summer months. She also loves hanging out with her puppy, Tucker!


Mary has worked in the dental field since 1995. She is married with two kids, and a cat. She loves snowmobiling and being at the lake with her family. Mary also enjoys reading mystery novels. 


Mirela has worked in the dental field since 2003. She is married with two kids, a son and a daughter. Her family also has a dog. She is fluent in Albanian and Greek. Mirela loves snowshoeing with her husband. 


Pat has worked in the dental field for over 20 years. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends, and family. Pat loves a good bonfire!


Sydni is a temporary addition to the FDA team. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree at the University of New England and will be heading out to Roseman University in Utah in the fall for dentistry school. Go Sydni!

Thank you, Lindsey Mary, Mirela, Pat, & Sydni!

Next time you come in for an appointment, be sure to say hello to our wonderful team of Dental Assistants. They, along with Dr. Brunacini, Dr. Karagiorgos, will ensure your next procedure is a comfortable and stress-free experience for you. If you need to schedule your next appointment, please call at 207.781.5900.