3 Ways to Ease Your Dental Anxiety

We get it. Not everyone loves coming to the dentist. In fact, it’s quite common to feel anxious about coming in for an appointment. At Falmouth Dental Arts, our approach to oral health care has always been patient care. For our team, it is about comfort in all aspects – from the scheduling, to payments, to the dental chair, and beyond – we want you to feel comfortable physically, and emotionally. We strive to make your appointments with us as easy as possible. If you find yourself feeling anxious before your next appointment, here are three easy ways to ease your dental anxiety:


If you experience fear or anxiety before or during your dental appointment, please tell us! Our team of compassionate dental professionals truly cares about the well-being of our patients and want to help you feel comfortable. We’ve heard from patients that talking through their fears and learning the step-by-step of a procedure can help alleviate anxiety.  We are always happy to take the time to answer questions and to listen to you.


If hearing and seeing the tools of the trade make you uncomfortable, distraction can be your friend at your next appointment. Directing your mind toward something you find more pleasant can often help reduce anxiety. We find that many patients like to bring headphones to their appointment so they can listen to music, a podcast, a book-on-tape, or even a guided meditation. Find something that puts you at ease and bring it in! If it’s a really good podcast…please tell us so we can check it out, too! 🙂

Deep Breathing

If you’ve ever meditated or been to a yoga class, you’ve likely experienced the effects of deep breathing. When you breathe deeply and slowly it provides your body with more oxygen and can be quite effective for calming your central nervous system. Practice deep breathing at home and as you come to your appointment.  Our oral health care team can help remind you to keep taking deep breaths during your appointment as well. We are here to help!

If you have other tips or methods for keeping calm, cool, and collected and the dentist, please let us know! As always, we are here to provide you with the best dental care possible. If the above relaxation techniques don’t calm your fear, you may be a candidate for oral conscious sedation. Please give us a call at 207.781.5900 to set up a consultation with Dr. Brunacini or Dr. Karagiorgos to see if this is the right option for you. We’re here to be your partner in oral health and find a care plan that works for you!

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