Integrative Dentistry: For the Whole Person


Integrative Dentistry, also called Holistic Dentistry, Alternative Dentistry, or Complementary Dentistry, is a philosophy where Dr. Brunacini and Dr. Karagiorgos take the patient’s entire wellbeing into account when providing oral care. Poor dental care has been linked to cardiovascular disease and complications in diabetes.  We can be a part of your health care team and help you set up an oral health plan that takes your whole body’s health in mind.  

For instance, why put mercury into someone’s mouth, or for that matter, any other incompatible material, not knowing how it could affect the person’s entire health?  Traditional dentistry, like doing crowns, fillings, and many other procedures must be done with an eye to the health of the whole person. As integrative oriented dentists, we keep up on the latest information regarding the biocompatibility of materials we use on our patients. This includes mercury amalgam fillings, metal crowns, root canals and fluoride among others. We are constantly searching for the least invasive products and procedures to “do no harm.”  

By approaching dentistry with the whole body in mind, we can better educate and communicate with our patients. We build a partnership and work to learn our patient’s needs, knowledge, and history as we plan for their careWith all the information available to patients on the internet it is important to help sort out what is viable and what is not.  As integrative oriented dentists, we filter out what is best for the patient. It is also very important to have a knowledge of other integrative oriented practitioners in other disciplines to help guide people down the right avenue of wellness for them.  Dr. Brunacini and Dr. Karagiorgos will help you decide which integrative dentistry procedures are best for your needs.

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