4 Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Halloween

We all know how packed candies are with sugars, but during Halloween the temptation for sweet treats is too great to resist. A few pieces here and there are fine to eat in moderation, but too many candies will load devilish sugars on our teeth and eat away at our enamel if we don’t follow a proper brushing and flossing routine. How can we enjoy Halloween’s customary perks of eating candy while maintaining good oral health? There are several ways you can do both during this year’s festive night.


  1. Limit time eating candy. The amount of time your teeth are exposed to sugary candies plays a big role in maintaining proper oral health. If you eat a meal and treat yourself to a piece or two of candy immediately after, your teeth are better off. This is because saliva production increases when you eat meals and cancels out the acid bacteria produces in your mouth. By eating candy directly after a meal, your saliva will help rinse away food particles and candy sugars quickly.


  1. Choose candies sensibly. Hard candies are the absolute worst. The amount of time they linger in your mouth, spreading sugars along your teeth, can contribute to tooth decay. Similarly, if you bite down on a hard sucker you may risk cracking a molar. To be safe, choose candies like chocolates that disappear quickly. Your teeth will be exposed to sugars much shorter this way.


  1. Avoid sticky candies. Candy like taffy, caramel, and gummies stick to your teeth relentlessly. Long after you’ve finished chewing, particles of these sticky treats may remain stuck to your molars, eating away at your enamel. You want to be sure you avoid these dental threats as best you can to reduce the chances of getting tooth decay.


  1. Brush, floss, and drink water. Of course, if you can’t avoid sneaking in a few candies during October’s customary holiday, remember to take care of your teeth after snacking. Brush well, floss, and drink water. Following this routine after consuming sugary snacks (or any meal) is good practice to maintain optimal oral health.


This Halloween, try out some of our tips to enjoy a tooth-friendly holiday. Don’t forget to schedule your next cleaning, if it’s not on the calendar already. Call us at (207) 781-5900 to book an appointment.