Our Commitment to Education and Cutting Edge Technology

Dentistry has changed quite a bit over the past twenty years, most notably in the new forms of technology available to dentist offices. Things like digital x-rays, water cooled electric drills, lasers and even the use of microscopes have given us the opportunity to offer more effective treatments to our patients.

Because of the rapid changes in technology, the team at Falmouth Dental Arts puts a strong focus on continuing education for the entire staff. It is something we really take pride in and get excited about! Can you believe that the combined years of experience of our staff is 275?! Most recently, our hygiene team attended a class on dealing with gluten intolerance, sensitivity and celiac disease. In January, we took courses on periodontal disease diagnosis.

Our main focus is on the prevention of future dental problems with the use of fluorides and sealants on children. We also recognize that many of our patients are interested in the cosmetic treatments available to them, such as teeth whitening, veneers and orthodontics. With the new sleep apnea devices (can we link this to the sleep apnea page?) that are now available, we can even treat sleeping disorders with a custom fit mouthpiece.

Technology is changing dentistry, and we are committed to having the knowledge, education and training needed to deliver these new advances to our patients.