Five Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Ah, Halloween! Little ghouls and goblins are grinning at the prospect of a bag full of candy…while those poor souls responsible for their young fangs find nothing more frightening than impending pounds of sugar. Don’t let ghosts of cavities haunt you this year! The staff at Falmouth Dental Arts is here to help with Five Tips for a Tooth-Happy Halloween. 


1.  Who you gonna call? CandyBusters!  Candy = Sugar = Cavities. We’re all familiar with this equation! This year, consider removing the first variable and revamping your Halloween treat bowl to include a healthier selection. Sugar-free gum, individually-wrapped snack packages of fruits and veggies, cheese sticks, or individual on-the-go yogurt tubes are all fun, unexpected, and tooth-friendly pumpkin-fillers!

2. Stickier is Scarier. Even if you are handing out healthy Halloween snacks, it’s almost inevitable that you and your children will encounter candy this time of year. When choosing which sweets to indulge in, consider texture. Candies such as gummies or taffies adhere to the surface of your teeth with scary sticking power! This residue is a feast for the bad bacteria that cause cavities. Cut down on bacteria by choosing granular goodies like chocolate, which dissolve quickly from the tooth’s surface. 


3. Let’s Do the Time Warp! It’s enjoyable to savor your sweets, but the odds of developing a cavity increase the longer that a sugary substance is in your mouth. Hard candies like lollipops or suckers are prolonged sugar bombs for your teeth, causing massive dental destruction! Trading hard candies out for sweets such as chocolate limits sugar exposure and is a safer bet for your bite. 

4. Dessert Thriller By strategically timing your candy consumption to align with mealtimes, you’re not only getting a delicious dessert–you’re doing right by your teeth! As we learned in September’s blog post, saliva production increases when you eat, which allows for food residue and bacteria to be naturally washed away with every swallow. Your saliva production is in overdrive during mealtimes, which makes it primetime to pop in a few tasty treats for dessert. Don’t forget to sip water throughout your meal to assist your saliva in cleaning out your mouth. You’ll get the sweet ending your meal deserves, and your teeth will thank you! 


5. Brush Away the Boogey Man No matter how or when you consume your Halloween treats, don’t forget to brush twice a day (or more, should you sneak some candy in-between meal times)! Looking to make your daily dental regiment a little spookier this time of year? Turn up this kid-friendly Halloween playlist while you brush!


Does your little vampire have an appointment for their fangs with us on Thursday, October 31st? Kids are welcome to come to Halloween appointments in costume. If you have any questions, or to schedule your appointment, please call our office at 207.781.5900

Make Mindful Candy Choices This Halloween

Halloween is before us and what more to look forward to than households of children amped up on sugar while their precious teeth remain coated in sticky treats. Let’s not take away their treat-filled fun, but we can certainly help to make it a healthier experience for their smiles, right?

While all candy is delicious and most often packed with sugar, there are some candy choices that are better than others. Here are some questions to keep in mind when choosing what your trick-or-treaters will be snacking on: How sticky is the candy? How long will it take to consume? Is it high in acidity? Each of these questions will help gauge how the candy impacts oral hygiene.


Sticky Candy (Snickers, Starburst, Charleston Chew, etc.):

Candy that sticks to the teeth is more difficult to clean off of the teeth. It’s that simple. Unless the teeth are brushed immediately after consumption, these types of candies are popular in the cavity department. Interestingly enough, if you choose a sticky candy bar, keep in mind that several studies have stated that dark chocolate can help fight against tooth decay. Another tip, nuts help to separate the candy from teeth while also providing dietary value with protein and fiber.

Long-lasting Candy (lollipops, Jawbreakers, sugar-filled bubble gums):

When we expose our teeth to sugars and acidity for long periods of time, we increase the chance of a cavity. However, there are lollipop options like LoLoz that contain zero sugar and actually promote healthy teeth, or Dr. John’s lollipops, THRIVE, which are also sugar free. Xylitol is the sugar alternative in these two treats.

Acidic Candy (Sour Patch Kids, Warheads, Nerds, etc.):

I’m sure you’re wondering how to know when a candy is acidic? Well, if the candy is sour, then it’s definitely acidic. Though these lip-puckering candies are a big hit with the kiddos, they have a tendency to strip the enamel from teeth. The job of tooth enamel is to protect the teeth from decay, so it’s certainly best to keep that enamel in place. A healthier alternative to sour candy? Unfortunately, this is a difficult one to substitute for trick-or-treaters, but a granny smith apple is great for the everyday snack.


Candy happens. The best way to prevent cavities is to brush after eating and to consume in moderation, but if after the Halloween season passes you feel a cleaning is necessary—we are happy to help. Call us anytime at 207-781-5900.


Have your candy and eat it too! 5 tips to counteract candy consumption

Happy-HalloweenWe all know what it’s like to be a kid on Halloween. From the excitement of getting dressed up to the fun of touring the neighborhood for candy, Halloween is, for some, the event of the fall. We in the dental care industry often get the reputation of being the Scrooges of the Halloween season, but instead of telling you not to eat candy (we know you’ve heard it before) we wanted to provide you with a few ways to offset the issues that can come with eating candy:


1.) Moderation

The easiest way to avoid over-indulging on Halloween is to limit how much candy your kids eat. Whether you have them carry a smaller container or simply set a number of pieces allowed, moderation is vital to stopping cavities (and tummy-aches).

2.) Brush

Have your children brush their teeth shortly after they finish eating their candy. The less time sugar has to get to work on their teeth, the better.

3.) Floss

Going hand-in-hand with brushing after eating is, of course, is flossing. All those sweets will be squeezing its way in between teeth and getting in those spots that are difficult to brush, so flossing is essential in stopping sugar from settling in overnight.

4.) Eat before going out

Having dinner right before trick-or-treating can help cut down on snacking during the walk, which will allow you to keep better track of what your kids eat afterward.

5.) Avoid sticky, gooey candies

You know the kinds: Laffy Taffy, Starbursts, Skittles, etc. These types of candies are often loaded with sugar and are much harder to brush and floss away.


By following these easy tips, you can help your kids avoid cavities, tooth decay, and more. We hope you and your children to have a fun and safe Halloween!