Diann Dental Hygienist

“We have a lot of knowledge here in this office collectively. In fact, our team has over 200 combined years of dental experience, which is incredible and unique among dental practices.”

Diann has been with our office since 1997 and has been practicing dental hygiene for over 30 years.
 She treasures the team­-learning seminars the staff takes part in through continuing education. “I love the enthusiasm created by the whole team learning together. We can branch off and learn about other things and then come back and share.” Listening to her patients is one of the most important parts of her job, Diann notes, as this helps her to care for each patient in the way they need to be treated. “Since we think of things in the long­term, I’ve learned that listening today will help tomorrow.” But Diann also enjoys the fun side of work. “I love laughing with my patients. We all have better days when we laugh a lot.”

Diann earned her Dental Hygiene degree from Westbrook College and received her license in local anesthesia at University of New England. She likes to bike, swim, downhill and cross-country ski, as well as spend time with her family.

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