Kelly Dental Hygienist

“We go above and beyond for our patients. In fact, I’ve built up a clientele that I’ve seen for so long, I just can’t wait to catch up with them during their next visit.”

Kelly earned her dental hygiene degree from the University of New England in 1997 and has been practicing ever since. “The ‘key’ is to work for great doctors,” she says. “Our doctors are always a step ahead in adopting useful technology which makes for a comfortable dental practice for our patients and an exciting work environment and culture for the staff.”

Patient care is very important to Kelly, and our patients always get exceptional one­-on-one care from her. She is always good for a laugh and is always having fun.

Kelly and her family enjoy the Maine outdoors, camping, fishing, or biking whenever possible. Kelly spends much of her time at her children’s sporting events and is their biggest fan.

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