Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste: A Healthier Option

Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste


If you’ve recently visited us for a cleaning, you may have noticed a new tool in our dental arsenal, the polishing toothpaste Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste. The addition of this polishing paste is part of a larger effort to provide our patients with healthy and holistic alternatives to conventional dental products.

“Many traditional polishing pastes contain large amounts of fluoride and other chemicals,” says Dr. Brian Brunacini. He further explains, “Past wisdom stated that fluoride was important for healthy teeth. We now know that high levels of fluoride could lead to fluorosis, a discoloring of the teeth. In an effort to reduce the cumulative effect of fluoride in the body, we have become much more cautious with the amount of fluoride our patients encounter.”

Proganics All Natural Prophy Paste contains no fluoride and is composed of 100% all-natural ingredients. The main ingredient is naturally occurring bentonite clay, known for its natural teeth-whitening properties and ability to regulate pH; it simultaneously keeps your teeth sparkling while neutralizing harmful acids. Other ingredients include alkalized ionic minerals and calcium carbonate, important substances for effective dental re-mineralization.

If you’re interested in learning more about the holistic methods we offer, please read our Holistic Dentistry page or give us a call at 207-781-5900.

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Spring Cleaning!

Ahh, winter is finally over (knock on wood)! Time to clear out the garage, remove the cobwebs in the attic, and schedule a spring cleaning for your teeth. We know spring is a busy time of year, but remember that receiving regular cleanings will help ensure your teeth stay healthy enough for you to enjoy some barbecue this summer!

In addition to being vital for your oral health, cleanings can help us diagnose other diseases in your body. Similar to the saying ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul,’ your teeth and gums can give signals related to other maladies in your body, like heart disease and cancer. Regular cleanings and check-ups increase the chances of catching these illnesses in their early stages.

We offer holistic options with our cleanings, such as using ozone in place of fluoride to naturally harden your teeth’s enamel. To learn more, visit our Holistic Dentistry page.

Give us a call or visit our New or Existing patient appointment pages to schedule your personal spring cleaning!

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Choosing your mouthwash – it does make a difference

You’re at the grocery store and you come to the personal hygiene aisle. You are looking for a mouthwash, but you are instantly overwhelmed with the dozens of options to choose from all promising to reduce plaque, fight gingivitis, whiten teeth and so much more – but not all the claims are true. We have all been there. But don’t worry, we are here to offer you some helpful tips that will allow you to refine your search and pick out the perfect mouthwash to fit your needs!

We always talk about the importance of regular brushing and flossing, but using mouthwash regularly in your oral hygiene regimen is often overlooked. Studies have shown that regular use of mouthwash has undeniable benefits for your mouth. It cleans those hard to reach places that brushing can’t get to, rinses your whole mouth, and is proven to reduce gingivitis in those who use it regularly.

There are 3 major categories of mouthwash products from a consumer perspective. Here is what you need to know about each of them that will help you choose the perfect rinse for your mouth:

1.) Fluoride containing mouth rinses:

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay in your mouth and strengthens enamel. But most people don’t need fluoride in their mouthwash because they already get it from the fluoridated toothpaste they use. But there are some exceptions. People with xerostomia (abnormally dry mouth) might use this because severe dry mouth might cause bacterial imbalance in the mouth, and too much bad bacteria can lead to tooth decay. Also, people with cavities can benefit from this kind of mouthwash. Here is a list of ADA approved fluoride mouth rinses 

2.) Mouthwashes to freshen breath:

Many of these mouthwashes will in fact freshen your breath, but they do not necessarily offer many (if any) long-term oral health benefits. The bacteria that cause bad breath are killed for the short term, but they will grow back.

3.) Anti-plaque or anti-gingivitis mouthwashes:

Adults are recommended to use this kind of mouthwash to supplement their brushing and flossing (although these are key components to oral health, we don’t always do a great job with these tasks, and this type of mouthwash can kills potentially damaging bacteria missed in brushing and flossing). If the mouthwash is ADA approved, that is the best, and they kill a much broader range of oral bacteria than the breath freshening rinses, which is better for your overall oral health. For people with more severe dental issues, contact us, we may prescribe you with a more powerful mouthwash that could help you! List of ADA approved anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis mouthwashes


Hope these tips help! Remember, mouth wash is no substitute for good brushing and flossing. All three together make for a powerful, effective, and healthy cleaning regimen!