How to Stick with Healthy Habits

How to Stick with Healthy Habits

We all want healthier habits. We set our New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but it can feel so difficult to stick with them! We get it! Creating a new habit requires repetition and time…and it’s worth it! At FDA, we want to be your partner in oral health and support you in setting up a home care routine that works for you. So, to help you stick with your healthy habits, here are a few tips.

Start Small

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Focus on that first step you can take to improve your health. If you’re struggling to floss daily, start with flossing once a week. Make Fridays “Flossing Fridays!” As you achieve small goals you will be motivated to keep going. Plus once you see how you feel afterwards, it will encourage you to keep it up!

Stack it Up

An effective way to stick with a new habit is to combine it with an existing habit. This is called habit stacking. If you’d like to drink more water each day, try to do it alongside something else you do regularly. For example, after you brush your teeth…drink a glass of water! After you eat a meal…drink a glass of water! These two actions will become connected and overtime it will become part of your regular routine!

Celebrate Your Success

Help yourself stay motivated by celebrating your progress. It takes commitment and some hard work to make new habits. Give yourself the recognition you deserve! When you hit every “Flossing Friday” in a month, treat yourself to a movie or a nice meal out at your favorite restaurant. Find what gives you joy and make it a part of your new habit! Not only are you celebrating your success, but you’re celebrating your healthy life choices!

Another way to keep up with your healthy habits is to make yourself accountable by sharing your goals. Let us know what healthy habits you are working on when you come in for your regular check ups with Dr. Brunacini and Dr. Karagiorgos. We can help track your oral health progress and be your cheerleader for sticking with it! After all, we are your partner in oral health. Give us a call if you have questions or need to schedule your next appointment – 207.781.5900.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Oral Health

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Oral Health

Happy New Year! A new year is a new beginning which makes it the perfect time to incorporate some positive changes into your oral health care routine. At FDA, we consider oral health an important part of your overall health. In other words, a healthy mouth contributes to a healthy whole body. Give yourself a boost with these three resolutions that can help transform your oral health care.

  1. Upgrade Your Brush!

When was the last time you replaced your toothbrush? According to the ADA, you should replace your toothbrush every three to four months. If you’ve had one of those pesky viruses that has been circulating this winter, that’s a good time to replace your brush, too. As you’re shopping for a new toothbrush, why not upgrade to an electric toothbrush! Our team of amazing hygienists swear by them. Electric toothbrushes really do a superior job removing plaque and cleaning the surfaces of your teeth. Many electric toothbrushes also have a built-in timer so you’re sure to brush for a full two minutes. Going electric is an easy way to improve your home care routine!

2. Eat with Your Teeth in Mind!

What you eat has an impact on your oral health, so consider your teeth next time you’re snacking! Of course we recommend limiting your sugar intake, but there are also foods you can choose that will give your oral health a boost. For example, foods that are high in calcium, like cheese and yogurt, will support the health of your pearly whites and your gums. Yogurt also has the benefit of being a probiotic, which will help keep your mouth balanced with healthy bacteria. Also, cheese contains a protein called casein which helps fortify your tooth enamel. Eating crunchy fruits and veggies will help clean your teeth as you chew, as well as stimulate saliva so your mouth gets rinsed of harmful bacteria. Plus they are chock full of vitamins and minerals that support your health! An apple a day…keeps you smiling away! ?

3. Get Regular Check Ups!

Have you been avoiding coming to the dentist? Prioritize your oral health and schedule regular check ups with Dr. Brunacini or Dr. Karagiorgos this year! Our top priority is making sure our patients receive the best oral care in an environment that is comfortable and supportive. If you feel nervous about visiting the dentist – we can help put you at ease! Give us a call and we can discuss our mild sedation options as well as other techniques we recommend for reducing dental anxiety. Our approach is all about designing a dental plan that fits your needs and budget so you can attain your dental health goals.

Embracing these easy New Year’s resolutions will help put you on the path to improved oral health. At FDA, we are your partner in oral care, and our compassionate team of professionals is always here to answer your questions and help you maintain a healthy and happy smile. If you need to schedule your next appointment, give us a call at 207.781.5900. Together, let’s make 2024 the year of radiant smiles and excellent oral health!

Back to School! 5 Healthy Snack Ideas for School Lunches

Back to School! 5 Healthy Snack Ideas for School Lunches

Sharpen your pencils – September means it’s time to go back to school! But what are you going to pack in your kiddo’s lunch box? At FDA, we’ve long shared how eating a healthy diet is an important part of your oral health regimen, and including healthy snacks in your child’s lunch is a great way to support their smile and their overall health. So, skip those starchy and sweet snacks and choose foods that are good for your kids’ teeth and body! Here are our top 5 healthy snack ideas for school lunches.


They say apples are nature’s toothbrush and we agree! Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, an apple a day is a great way to keep your kids healthy. Since apples are so crunchy, they stimulate the gums and encourage saliva production which helps wash away harmful bacteria. We’re lucky to live in Maine where there are oodles of apple varieties. An apple a day will help fight tooth decay!


Almonds and other nuts are full of health benefits. High in vitamin E, healthy fats, and tooth-strengthening calcium, almonds are a perfect snack to pack. Watch out for almonds coated in honey or sugar which can stick to the teeth and contribute to cavities. If your child has sensitive teeth, try almond slivers rather than whole almonds.


We love cheese! It’s high in calcium and a protein called casein which helps strengthen tooth enamel. Add to that cheese has phosphate which is pH-balancing for your mouth, protecting your teeth further. The only problem with cheese is deciding which variety is your favorite…cheddar? Gouda? Mozzarella string cheese? All of the above?


Crunchy vegetables are good for your body and good for your teeth and celery is a real rock star! First, they are full of almost a whole alphabet’s worth of vitamins, particularly vitamin A, C, and K. Also, all that chewing required to chomp a celery stalk cleans your teeth naturally and promotes saliva production to flush away bacteria. The fibrous texture of celery is great for your gums, too, making celery the closest thing to a vegetable dental floss. What’s not to love?!


Like its cousin, cheese, yogurt is full of calcium that helps strengthen your bones and teeth. Maintaining bone density is particularly important for growing kids. The probiotics in yogurt also help support oral health, helping to slow the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. Be careful with some of the fruit-filled yogurts as they can have a surprising amount of added sugar. We like greek yogurt, which has the highest levels of protein…an extra boost to your kids’ health!

Add these items to your grocery list and you’ll be ready to pack your kids’ lunch full of healthy snacks! Also, don’t forget to also pack a reusable water bottle! It will not only help your child stay hydrated, but have the added bonus of rinsing their mouth of harmful bacteria. Eating a healthy diet is just one part of an A + oral health routine. Keep your kids brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.

If they’re due for a checkup with Dr. Brunacini or Dr. Karagiorgos, or need a cleaning with one of our amazing hygienists, please give us a call today – 207.781.5900. We look forward to seeing you!