What Healthy Foods Should I Incorporate into My Diet?

Dieting is a popular New Year’s Resolution. This year, why not take a dental approach to the traditional diet? The team at Falmouth Dental Arts has whipped up the perfect plate–and poured a cuppa– for your pearly whites. 

Dairy: Cheese and yogurt both contain Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium. This mineral is just as important for your teeth as it is for your bones; calcium-deficient diets suffer from underdeveloped teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay. Cheeses and yogurts address your need for Vitamin D, and boast the added bonus of counteracting acid erosion of teeth, making them excellent options to end a meal. Cheese for dessert, anyone? **Dairy allergies? Fatty fish such as salmon are also a wonderful source of Vitamin D. 

Oranges: Surprise! Although citrus fruits contain erosive acids, they pack a powerful punch of Vitamin C, which encourages collagen production and strengthens tissue and blood vessels. Increased collagen, stronger tissue and better blood flow means stronger gums and happier homes for your teeth. An orange a day keeps the periodontist away–just make sure to wait at least 30 minutes between eating and brushing to minimize acid erosion. 

 Fruits and Veggies: Looking for another reason to make a salad? High-fiber leafy greens act as natural toothbrushes, scrubbing your teeth while you eat and encouraging saliva production. Meanwhile, the high-water content of traditional lettuces help rinse your mouth. Carrots and celery are also excellent snack options, washing your teeth with every crunch! For tooth-conscious options from the fruit bowl, choose apples and strawberries. Apples offer the same healthy crunch benefits as snappy vegetables, while strawberries actually contain malic acid, a natural enamel whitener.


Tea: Black and green teas contain compounds called “polyphenols”. Polyphenols ward off bacteria responsible for cavities and gum disease. Less bacteria means fewer cavities and less bad breath. When combined with other good dental habits, drinking tea can cure halitosis, so drink up and breathe easy. 

While a balanced diet represents one facet of your dental health, you can’t substitute twice-daily brushing and flossing with apples and carrots. Falmouth Dental Arts encourages you to the best of both worlds! If you have any questions about the best foods for your teeth, just ask us at your next appointment. To schedule your appointment, please call our office at 207.781.5900.    

Need a Resolution? Kick these 5 Bad Habits that Hurt Your Teeth!

Did you remember to brush your teeth when you went to bed after ringing in the New Year at midnight? Your team at Falmouth Dental Arts hopes you did, and we wish our family of patients a year filled with healthy mouths. Are you still looking for a 2020 resolution, but feel like adding a whole new good habit is a little too ambitious? Why not try quitting a bad habit instead? 

We’ve compiled a list of 5 Bad Habits that hurt your teeth. Quit one–kick them all!–and look forward to your best dental year yet! 

1. Biting your nails: We’ve all done it once or twice, but when biting your nails becomes a habit, it has bad side effects for your nails and your entire mouth. Biting your nails can chip your teeth and ultimately impact your jaw. Continually protruding your jaw and biting with pressure gradually changes the natural alignment of your bite, resulting in jaw dysfunction.

Kick It! Try painting a bitter-tasting polish (available in clear varieties as well, for those who would prefer a more subtle tone) on your nails.

2. Brushing too hard/Overbrushing: We all know that brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, is a terrific tooth habit! However, brushing with a stiff-bristled brush, applying a lot of force, or brushing for longer than two minutes can all hurt your teeth and gums. Overbrushing in any form can damage your tooth enamel and erode your gums.

Kick It!  Look for a soft-bristled brush with the ADA Seal of Approval, and be sure to use a gentle hand when brushing. Don’t think of “scrubbing” your teeth–think of “massaging” them. So much nicer!


3. Grinding your teeth/Clenching your jaw: Life can be stressful. Sometimes that stress makes us slouch at our desk or hunch our shoulders, but sometimes stress seeps into our dental posture as well. Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw can cause cracking or chipping of your teeth, not to mention muscle and joint pain from sustained pressure. 

Kick it! Try some relaxation techniques throughout the day, especially before bed. Grinding your teeth when you’re sleeping is the most difficult to address because you’re unconscious! If you are particularly prone to grinding your teeth in your sleep, you may need to invest in a mouth guard to wear while you sleep. 

4. Using your teeth as tools: Just like biting your nails, we’ve all attempted to use our teeth as scissors or an extra hand. However, your teeth are made for eating and for smiling–not for opening bottles or removing tags. When you use your teeth as tools, you run the risk of cracking or chipping your teeth, puncturing your gums, or even choking.

Kick it! Go get a pair of scissors, find your bottle opener, and make two trips! It may seem like more work at first, but your teeth will be happier. 

5. Chewing ice: This one may seem a little specific, but consider this: your tooth enamel is a type of crystal, as is ice. When you push two crystals against each other, one eventually breaks. In this particular scenario, it is typically the ice which cracks and crumbles–but that’s not a guarantee! Sometimes, teeth or dental appliances break first, leading to a costly visit to the dentist.

Kick it! Use a straw to sip icy beverages, or remove the ice before you start drinking.

Here at Falmouth Dental Arts, we are committed to providing top-notch tooth love for our patients in the office. However, we want to support you and your teeth at all times! If you have any questions about these bad habits, or want some more ideas on how to build good dental habits, please ask at your next appointment. To schedule your appointment, please call our office at 207.781.5900.         

Happy New Year!

happy new yearIt wouldn’t be January without New Year’s Resolutions.

It is said that the concept of a New Year’s Resolution dates all the way back to the Babylonians. The custom originated as a gesture involving “moral favors” which were essentially personal promises to be good to others – the purpose was mostly to please God. It eventually evolved into dedicating time to reflect upon the previous year, and to contemplate the year to come. The goal, once again, was to make better use of personal talents to please God, treat people well, and to avoid habitual sins in the future.

Pretty cool stuff, and it seems pretty similar to the New Year’s Resolutions that we make today. We resolve each year to better ourselves in at least one important aspect of life – physical health, mental health, spiritual health, personal finance, family life etc. But if these resolutions are so important, then why do so many people seemingly fail?

It is believed that one of the main reasons is because we are too secretive. We don’t tell others what our resolutions are, and instead we bottle it up and keep it to ourselves. Now, some resolutions can certainly be personal and you might want to keep them to yourself. However, if you share your New Year’s Resolution and make it well known to family and friends, then you are much more likely to stick with it because they will help hold you accountable.

That is where we come in! In 2014 you should make your smile a priority. Whether it is committing to coming in religiously for all of your scheduled regular cleanings, or getting those veneers or that invisilign that you have always wanted to finish off that perfect smile…2014 is your year and we are here to help you every step of the way. Light up a room this year with your brilliant smile.

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Ten Easy, Healthy, Fun New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Actually Do!

At Falmouth Dental Arts we love New Year’s Resolutions. After all, the new year is a great time to start fresh with some good habits.

But the problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that they are usually broken way before Groundhog Day. Why? We simply make them too darn difficult. So 2013 may not be the year you lose 220 pounds, visit the gym six times per week, eat kale shakes for breakfast every morning, write the Great American Novel and train a world class Portuguese Water Dog. But it very well may be the year you start some healthy habits that last the rest of your longer, healthier life!

Here are a few suggestions:

1)   Walk, Don’t Run! If you’re the type that can train for a local 10K race, that’s great. But if it’s not your thing, you can still benefit from more walking. Here’s a simple way to make it happen. Whenever you are faced with a situation to use an elevator or escalator, make it your personal rule that if it is one flight up or two flights down, you’ll take the steps. It’s easy!

2)   Don’t cruise the lot!  Instead of spending your time looking for a “great” parking space, park a little far away intentionally. You’ll not only get in a few extra steps (which will amount to a few miles soon!) – your car will get less dinged up!

3)   Know Your Numbers! Make sure that you get an annual physical which includes a blood test. Knowing your cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and other vital statistics, and then taking the proper measures recommended by your physician will automatically put you in the top half of healthy Americans!

4)   Test Yourself! It has been proven that knowing how to do a breast or testicular self-exam can save your life. (If you’re not sure which one to do, your problem is a bit more complicated.) Ask your health practitioner how to do it, or even check out a video on You Tube!

5)   Drop The Diet! No – not the healthy eating pattern – the diet soda!! It contains all kinds of chemicals and many people theorize it actually makes you hungrier. There is simply nothing good about diet soda. Switch to water, unsweetened tea with lemon, or even black coffee in moderation.

6)   Speaking Of Soda….. One of the simplest things anyone can do to become immediately healthier is to go cold turkey on sodas and sports drinks. They are loaded with sugar and are simply unnecessary. If all you do to change your diet is to drop these two things, pounds can actually melt off quickly and never come back!

7)   Think positively! It may sound trite, but if you believe good things are going to happen, they probably will. Seeing the worst in every situation simply stresses you out and causes you to react negatively. Those who think happy usually are!

8)   Do what scares you! Pick one thing that you have been afraid to do, and commit to it. Put it on your calendar. Tell your friends or family members that you are going to do it. Then do it!! It could be a polar bear plunge, skydiving, a trip to Europe, quitting your job, reuniting with an old friend you had a fight with – it doesn’t matter! Pick one thing, put it on your calendar, and do it! Then do another……

9)   Appreciate What You Have and Don’t Envy Others. Enough said! Pull this one off successfully and your entire life will change!

10)    FLOSS!! The benefits of healthy gums are numerous, including fresher breath, a lifetime of teeth, reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, and many more. It’s simple to do and takes just one minute per day, yet practically no one does it! If you’re not sure how to floss properly, we would love to show you! Even if you feel you are not coordinated enough, we can show you some inexpensive gadgets that will help. Make 2013 the year of the floss!!

So there you have it – ten simple healthy New Year’s tips that anyone can do!! Feel free to add you own. And since dental health and a beautiful smile are also on your list, don’t forget that we are here for you! If you have any questions or need to make an appointment, simply give us a call at 7-207-781-5900. Happy New Year!!