Best Foods for Post-Oral Procedures

Do you or a family member have an oral procedure scheduled in the near future? Whether it’s the application of braces on your high-schooler, a root canal for your spouse, or teeth whitening for yourself, many oral procedures require some sort of specialized diet in the hours or days afterwards. The team at Falmouth Dental Arts breaks down the dos and don’ts of post-oral procedure diets, so you can make your grocery list with ease. Let’s break down the best foods to eat after dental surgery. 

For surgeries: 

  • Do enjoy soft, easy-to-chew or no-chew foods! 
    • Smoothies and shakes (made with your favorite fruits and veggies!)
    • Soups (smooth varieties such as tomato, clear broth, or cream soups)
    • Oatmeal, mashed potatoes
    • Yogurt, ice cream, or pudding
    • Applesauce
    • Avocado
    • Bananas or other very soft fruit (mash it up!)
    • Hummus
    • Peanut butter
    • Soft scrambled eggs
    • Tofu
  • Don’t eat any spicy, chewy, crunchy, or crusty foods. The list above may look a bit bland, but sticking to it will help speed up your healing process and avoid any post-surgery complications!.
  • Keep in Mind: TEMPERATURE! Your mouth is especially sensitive after an oral procedure, so avoid foods or drinks that are too hot or too cold. Allow everything to come to a nice room-temperature before consumption. 

For teeth whitening: 

  • Do stick to the White Diet for 24 Hours! 
    • Chicken or white fish
    • Cauliflower
    • White pasta and rice
    • White cheeses
    • Bananas
    • White yogurts
    • Clear beverages
    • White toothpastes
    • Clear mouthwash
  • Don’t eat any dark foods or drinks such as red sauces, red meat, chocolate, tea, coffee, or any type of alcohol or fruit juice.


  • Keep in Mind: THE STAIN TEST! If a food would leave a mark or stain on a white t-shirt, it would leave a stain on your new pearly whites! Avoid it! 

For all procedures: 

  • Keep in Mind: BALANCED NUTRITION! No matter how limited these lists appear, each one has room for proteins, vegetables, and fruits, as well as healthy carbohydrates and fats. Make sure to build a healthy menu within your guidelines. Your body needs good nutrition to heal quickly and properly. You’ll be back to chewy, crunchy foods in no time!  
  • Keep in Mind: Consumption of alcohol. Many people wonder if it is safe to consume alcohol after dental surgery. You should wait at least 24 hours before drinking any sort of alcoholic beverage. 


Here at Falmouth Dental Arts, we care about your mouth pre-procedure, in-procedure, and post-procedure! If you have specific dietary restrictions, needs, questions, or concerns, just talk to Dr. Brunacini or Dr. Karagiorgos. They will be happy to give their food recommendations, specifically tailored to you and your particular procedure. If you have any questions, or to schedule your appointment, please call our office at 207.781.5900

Halloween is over and FDA is through scaring patients. The trick is Sedation Dentistry!

Do you have a family member or friend that has a serious fear of visiting a dentist and receiving necessary dental treatments. The IV Sedation service at Falmouth Dental Arts may be the perfect solution. If someone you care about suffers from dental anxiety, please forward this information which explains how IV Sedation could help make dental experiences more pleasant:

Do you have…

• A history of traumatic dental experiences
• Extremely sensitive teeth
• Sensitive gag reflex
• Complex dental problems or a need for surgery?
• Are you in denial or do you ignore your dental problems until the pain is unbearable?
• Have you avoided seeing a dentist for many years, even decades?

How IV Sedation works: Our certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) will adminster sedation drugs via IV (even numbing the back of the hand first!), which quickly relaxes the patient. We will be able to complete several dental procedures at once to reduce the need for numerous return visits. During the sedation period, patients will breathe on their own and will not recall the procedures–not the smells, sounds or feelings. We include time after the procedure for the patient to continue resting in the office and we suggest that patients have someone drive them to and from the appointment, due to the relaxing effects of the medication.

Visit our website for further details on how IV Sedation works at Falmouth Dental Arts.

Do you think sedation dentistry could help you or someone you love? Call us today at 207.781.5900 with any questions.

Introducing Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian

While many of you may have already met Brian Brunacini, DDS, we’d like to introduce those who have not had the pleasure. Known around here as Dr. Brian, he was drawn to Falmouth Dental Arts because of our great staff and interest in using the best in cutting-edge techology.

 Dr. Brian enjoys helping patients improve their dental and overall health, as well as building lasting patient relationships. Since joining our practice, he has completed an oral conscious sedation course and is working toward placing implants and performing surgery. Read more about Dr. Brian in his full bio on our web site. 

 Does Dr. Brian seem like the dentist for you? Give us a ring at 207.781.5900 and we’ll schedule a new patient appointment for you. It’s never too late to find just the right dentist, in just the right office!